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Support for these software versions has ended:

  • You are viewing version history for outdated Bitvise software versions. These versions contain known issues which are resolved in newer releases. These versions will not receive updates, whereas the most recent versions will.

  • We recommend all users to use Bitvise software versions not older than one year, or newer in case of recent security fixes.

  • It is one of our top priorities that users should experience as few problems as possible when updating to the latest versions of our software. If an upgrade causes you trouble, let us know.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.61:    [ 27 January 2005 ]

  • Fixed importing and exporting of passphrase-protected OpenSSH private keys.
  • Added support for importing and exporting host keys and for modifying associated information.
  • Tunnelier's task bar notification area icon will now stop flashing after a reconnect.
  • Active mode FTP Bridge connections will now work with a non-local client.
  • Fixed SFTP packet decoding problem that would cause transfer interruptions with non-local FTP Bridge connections.
  • Error code descriptions ceased working in version 3.60 - just the Windows error code would be logged and no description. Descriptions are now again properly included.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.60a:    [ 10 January 2005 ]

  • The bvterm client now supports sending of a Ctrl+Break signal. The feature requires WinSSHD 3.30a or newer.
  • Restructuring and fixes in the VT-100 and xterm client, concerned mostly with character set conversion on Windows 98/Me.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.60:    [ 24 December 2004 ]

  • Tunnelier is now free for individual use! See Tunnelier License Terms for more information and limitations.
  • New features:
    • Tunnelier and sftpc now support public-key-based user authentication. User keypairs can be managed for both programs through the included Keypair Manager utility.
    • Tunnelier and sftpc can now connect through a SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5 or HTTP CONNECT proxy. Proxy settings are configured through the Proxy Settings interface for both programs.
    • Tunnelier now includes an integrated SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5 and HTTP CONNECT proxy for dynamic forwarding of TCP/IP connections over SSH. An application can now be configured to use Tunnelier as its SOCKS proxy, removing the need to configure tunneling rules manually.
    • The FTP-to-SFTP bridge component now supports active mode FTP as well as a number of command aliases used by older FTP clients. The FTP bridge now also works with the command-line ftp.exe client included with Windows.
    • The XP look and Windows themes are now supported.
    • Tunnelier can now be configured to log out automatically when SSH session activity is over. This can be used in conjunction with the -exitOnDisconnect command line parameter to close Tunnelier automatically after the end of a forwarded session.
    • DH key exchange extended with support for 2048-bit key exchange - the diffie-hellman-group14-sha1 and diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1 algorithms are now supported.
    • The target server and port for single-click Remote Desktop forwarding are now configurable.
  • Fixes and improvements:
    • Fixed a fairly lame UTF sequence decoding bug in VT-100 and xterm emulation. UTF sequences will now be decoded correctly, showing correct characters and doing away with the 'invalid UTF sequence' errors.
    • Improvements in sftpc redirection handling, input and output can now also be redirected to and from a pipe.
    • Fixed remote home directory auto refreshing problem on SFTP servers where the REALPATH request returned a home directory string ending in '/'.
    • Tunnelier and SFTP windows now correctly store the window size if closed when minimized.
    • Tunnelier and sftpc will now download files for which the server returns packets with less data than requested.
    • Fixed the 'Creating remote directory failed' error that occured when uploading to some SFTP servers.
    • The DH public key of the remote party is now not validated during Diffie Hellman key exchange. This makes Tunnelier interoperable with servers that fail to generate a valid DH key (OpenSSH). Validation is not essential for security because the keys are temporary.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.28d:    [ 07 November 2004 ]

  • sftpc can now load connection parameters from a Tunnelier profile using the new -profile=(file) parameter.
  • In addition to the existing -cmd=(list) parameter, sftpc can now also load a list of commands from a file using -cmdFile=(file). Unicode files are also supported.
  • sftpc can now have its input and output redirected to and from a file and handles gracefully non-presence of the output window.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.28b:    [ 13 September 2004 ]

  • Fixed GUI locking issue which would cause the SFTP window to become unresponsive when uploading with the auto refresh feature enabled.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.28a:    [ 02 September 2004 ]

  • Fixed a bug in WinSSHD Settings in the WinSSHD Remote Control component. See also WinSSHD version history (version 3.28a).

Changes in Tunnelier 3.28:    [ 30 August 2004 ]

  • General:
    • Automated Remote Desktop forwarding now supported. Works also on Windows XP SP2.
    • Added -menu command line parameter which can limits the range of functionality available to the end user via the system tray menu.
    • Fixed national character support in the username and password fields, as well as in the WinSSHD Remote Control Panel event log. Better national character support in sftpc.
    • C2S and S2C forwarding lists are now fully sortable.
  • File transfer:
    • The remote file view in SFTP GUI now automatically refreshes after upload.
    • The GUI and command-line SFTP clients now properly handle symbolic links to directories during navigation and transfers. The chmod, chown and chgrp commands in sftpc continue to work on target files rather than links due to lack of flexibility in the SFTP protocol.
    • The FTP to SFTP bridge now supports the SITE CHMOD and SITE CHOWN commands.
    • sftpc: fixed 'ln' command printout (target and link paths were swapped). The 'ln' command now also works correctly on OpenSSH servers (the client now compensates for an OpenSSH bug).
    • sftpc is now more responsive overall - Ctrl+C now works at all times, input and output now work simultaneously.
    • Fixed return code bug in sftpc.
  • VT-100 and xterm terminals:
    • Hot keys reassigned so that they do not block commonly used control characters (Ctrl+D, Ctrl+L and others). The new assignments are Ctrl+Alt+F2 to Ctrl+Alt+F12. A new hot key, Ctrl+Alt+F1, now displays a list of hot keys and their functions.
    • Implemented interleaving of input and output so that signals such as Ctrl+C are now sent and interpreted more promptly, for example during a very long directory listing.
    • The Esc key now generates the correct escape key sequence. Previously it needed to be pressed twice for an effect.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.24b:    [ 06 July 2004 ]

  • Fixed problem with -pw parameter in command-line SFTP client (sftpc) - in the original 3.24 version, if a password was supplied using the -pw parameter, sftpc would ask for it again anyway.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.24:    [ 29 June 2004 ]

  • Fixed Multiplexer/DeMultiplexer terminal emulation problem that would manifest itself on some machines with some versions of ZoneAlarm software.
  • Fixed problem with cut & pasting large amounts of text into an xterm or VT-100 terminal emulation window.
  • The WinSSHD Remote Control Panel component now supports the WinSSHD 3.26 settings format.
  • Added -smallMenu command line parameter as a rudimentary measure allowing a client administrator to restrict what the user can inadvertently do.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.23a:    [ 03 April 2004 ]

  • Compatibility update, released for the WinSSHD Remote Control Panel to support the WinSSHD 3.25 settings format.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.23:    [ 30 March 2004 ]

  • The local and remote initial directories in the graphical SFTP client are now configurable.
  • An info message is now logged when key exchange and key re-exchange is started and completed.
  • Disabling of 'Start Reexchange' and 'Keep Alive' features now works properly again, and non-blocking connect() now works properly.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.22:    [ 05 March 2004 ]

  • The instruction resolver for xterm and VT-100 would not interpret terminal sequences correctly when they were received in more than two separate packets, causing imperfect screen output at times. This now works correctly.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.21a:    [ 23 February 2004 ]

  • The SFTP GUI would mis-remember browse column widths as 0 when closed in non-details view. This would result in browse columns not being visible the next time the SFTP GUI window was opened. Fixed.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.21:    [ 21 February 2004 ]

  • Major new features:
    • Graphical (GUI) SFTP file transfer support.
    • Support for vt100 and xterm terminal protocols.
    • Integrated FTP-to-SFTP bridge.
  • Tunnelier GUI enhancements:
    • Implementation of Tunnelier's log window and balloon tips improved for better efficiency and performance.
    • Integrated help now available for all configuration items.
    • Overall niftier graphics.
  • Command-line SFTP client (sftpc) fixes and enhancements:
    • Recursive mode implemented for ls, get, put, chmod, chown, chgrp, and rm commands.
    • Host key algorithms are now configurable via the 'hkey' parameter.
    • Fixed local file size retrieval for files larger than 4.2 GB.
    • Fixed resuming for files larger than 4.2 GB.
  • Fixed occasional key re-exchange problem - Tunnelier could have triggered key re-exchange when it was already just initiated by the server.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.11:

  • Command-line SFTP client now included: execute 'sftpc' from a command prompt for usage instructions. Supports many advanced features, achieves up to 3 MB per second with WinSSHD.
  • Further improvements in performance and responsiveness: the SSH implementation is now even faster than in 3.09, uses less CPU time and handles flow control better in sessions with many channels.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.09:

  • Tunnelier is now significantly more efficient when forwarding bandwidth-intensive TCP/IP connections.
  • A much larger number of simultaneously open channels are now supported: up to 1000 session channels or up to 2000 port forwarding channels can be active at the same time.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.08:

  • Tunnelier now employs on-the-fly in-memory encryption to prevent the SSH password from being easily extracted from a memory dump.
  • Improved system tray icon behavior.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.07:

  • Tunnelier now supports the 'ssh-rsa' server host key algorithm in addition to 'ssh-dss'. The preferential order and desirability of host key algorithms can now be configured.
  • Added support for 128-bit versions of the AES and Twofish algorithms. Previously, only the 256-bit versions were supported. Added alias 'twofish256-cbc' for 'twofish'.
  • Enhanced the automatic reconnection feature with the ability to 'reconnect always', as opposed to reconnecting only if the original session was successfully established.
  • The initial reconnection timeout is now configurable; the default remains 2 seconds. If the configured value is less than 60 seconds, the timeout is doubled after each unsuccessful reconnection attempt, up to a maximum of 60 seconds. If the configured value is 60 seconds or more, the timeout on subsequent attempts remains as configured.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.06:

  • Better-looking icons!
  • When not in foreground, Tunnelier can now display log messages in balloon pop-ups in the lower right corner of the screen. By default, balloons are displayed for errors only. This can be configured through right-click on Tunnelier's system tray icon > Log Popup Settings.
  • Tunnelier now properly handles large event logs when using the Remote Control Panel > View WinSSHD Log feature. Requires WinSSHD 3.06 or newer on the server side.
  • Improved bvterm implementation - console window settings can now be saved.
  • Improved error reporting.
  • Enhanced reconnection logic: Tunnelier now makes multiple reconnection attempts with exponentially increasing wait times.
  • Log window improvements - the contents of the log can now be copied to the clipboard or saved into a file.
  • In tunneling settings, ports can now be configured using their names instead of numbers - e.g. 'www' instead of '80'.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.03:

  • Fixed a numeric version mismatch that caused Tunnelier 3.02 to not be able to read settings written by WinSSHD 3.03. This caused problems with remote administration.
  • The installation program now doesn't bug you about .WST file association, and it doesn't create any registry keys until installation has actually started.

Changes in Tunnelier 3.02:

  • Introduced activation codes that are independent of installation ID.
  • Fixed bug which caused some 3.1% of activation codes not to be handled properly.