Who is using Bitvise SSH Server and Client?

For many years, this page used to enumerate a subset of large and well-known organizations who purchased licenses for large Bitvise SSH Server and/or Client deployments. While we're sure that there are customers who might be impressed by well-known brand associations, a significant proportion of our customers request no publicity. We believe that others, who may not explicitly request this, can still be made uncomfortable by it. For these reasons, we have always been reluctant to add new names to this public list, and it fell into a somewhat shameful lack of maintenance.

Since no customer inquiries ever seemed to reference this page, and since publishing the list primarily made us uncomfortable, we decided to remove it. Instead, we make the following general statements:

  • If it's a well-known name or a large company, chances are that they have some - or many - Bitvise SSH Server or Client licenses.
  • Our large customers include well-known banks, insurance companies, and other types of large financial institutions.
  • Our large customers include well-known names in telecommunications, software, car-rental, petroleum, retail - we have customers in all sectors of the economy.
  • Our large customers include well-known government agencies in the US and internationally.
  • Our customers include well-known educational and research institutions.
  • Our customers include branches of the Western world's militaries.

Ultimately, just because a well-known name uses our software, doesn't mean our software is suitable for you. This is why we make it available for evaluation free of charge, and even for free use by individuals.

Please evaluate our software for your use, and see if it fits your specific purpose. Peruse our server and client version history, and notice our commitment to continuing improvement.

What we can tell you about our business is that it's healthy, and that development will continue. We've worked hard to make our products secure, reliable, versatile, and efficient, and we will continue to do so in the future. Make a decision based on what our software can do for you.