Choosing a Reseller

Retail orders at our online store are processed by Cleverbridge. Cleverbridge has offices in Chicago, IL, and Cologne, Germany. They support a variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards, wire transfer, check, cash, or PO.

If you cannot use any of the payment methods provided by Cleverbridge, we provide for your convenience a short list of reseller companies we have had positive experience with. Purchasing through a reseller is more expensive than purchasing directly, since you will need to pay for their service in addition to the price of your license. Resellers will receive no discount on their orders. They will place their orders through Cleverbridge, like you would.

We have worked successfully with Insight, Synnex, Softchoice and SoftwareONE, in the US as well as internationally.

In the UK, we have done business with QBS and Grey Matter.

In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, we can recommend Compuwave or SparkDynamic.

In Australia, we have worked successfully with Aquion.

In China, we have worked successfully with Com&Lan.

In Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, a number of orders have been processed successfully by

The above is not an exclusive list. As long as a reseller is willing to make the purchase for you through our online store, you are free to choose any reseller company you trust.

Resellers: see Reseller Policy.