What type of support does Bitvise offer?

The primary way we offer support is by email, using the case management system found through our Contact page. We can usually reply to inquiries within one business day.

Our support is at its best when you have a specific issue which you are able to describe in detail. Your inquiry will be handled by a technically skilled individual, who will be able to analyze the details you provide to determine the cause of the issue, or will forward the issue for other developers to investigate. If we find that it's something we can fix or improve, we are likely to incorporate the improvement in our next minor version. You will be able to upgrade to such a new version if upgrade access for your license is up to date.

If upgrade access for your license isn't up to date, and you're using older versions of our software, we'll still answer questions about older versions, and investigate issues you report if we think such an issue might still occur with the latest version. However, if this results in an improvement being made in a new version, you won't be able to upgrade to that version until you bring your upgrade access up to date.

Our support is not very good when the issue you have is something really broad and vague, like "How do I configure this software?" We're also not suitable if you expect responses in less than one business day. Our software is intended for users who have a basic idea of what they're doing, and can use the materials on our website and built-in help in our software to set up SSH.

Does Bitvise sell support agreements?

We don't sell support agreements, but we do provide support as described above. When we make an improvement to our software based on feedback from our users, this improvement will be made available as a new version. You will be able to use that version, and benefit from the improvements, if upgrade access for your license is current.

Each license comes with 12 months of free access to upgrades. After that, optional upgrade access extensions are available at 20% of the license price per year.