Come work with us!

Be part of a small, trusted team of developers developing secure communications software in Visual C++ for Windows.

Work from the comfort of your own office or home office. Enjoy a free schedule, little pressure, and competitive compensation, in exchange for delivering well-written, robust, high quality code in reasonable time.

Skills and requirements

We develop software used in mission-critical environments that must work properly for thousands of customers across the globe.

We pride ourselves on our security track record and our ability to implement complex features correctly and robustly.

You should be an expert C++ developer, being able to write code of nearly flawless quality in reasonable time.

You need to master the art of robustly and safely implementing tasks involving the most challenging and error-prone aspects of C++, including pointer manipulation, multi-threading, and network I/O.

You should be familiar with the Visual Studio family of products and the Win32 platform.

You should be able to keep your work machine secure and your data encrypted. A little bit of paranoia is a benefit - even prerequisite. Just not so much as to prevent you from getting things done.

You should be able to handle income from a foreign company that does not have a presence in your area. The work is full time, but done 100% remotely.

You should be able to read and write English fluently.

You need to reside in a country with a working legal system and a track record of respecting intellectual property law.

About Bitvise

Bitvise is a small software company that began in early 2000. Our work revolves around developing and licensing SSH-related products, primarily our SSH server and client for Windows. Our products have done well, and we are looking for people to help us build new products and make our existing ones still better.