Bitvise SSH Server license terms

End User License Agreement. Before downloading or purchasing, you must read and agree with the terms of our Bitvise SSH Server End User License Agreement. Click the link to open it and read it. If you disagree, you must not download or purchase Bitvise SSH Server; if you have already downloaded it, you must destroy all copies.

Summary. Bitvise SSH Server is licensed per machine; a fee needs to be paid for each machine on which the SSH server runs. The right to use the SSH server on an individual machine is portable; if you remove Bitvise SSH Server from a machine on which you had the right to use it, you can install it and use it on a different machine. A purchased right to use Bitvise SSH Server is permanent and, unless extended, applies to all Bitvise SSH Server versions published within 12 months of your purchase.

Support and upgrades. Upgrades and technical support for purchased Bitvise SSH Server installations are free for up to 12 months after your purchase. Subsequent support and upgrades are available annually at 20% of the current price for the installations you have purchased.

Activation. After purchasing a license, you will be able to access an activation code which you can apply to remove the evaluation limit on your Bitvise SSH Server installations. You may activate only as many SSH server installations as you purchased licenses for, and you may not make an activation code available to unauthorized users.

Personal use. No activation code is required for non-commercial personal use. Simply download the latest Bitvise SSH Server version, make sure that you have no pre-existing installations, and select 'Personal Edition' when offered the choice during installation. Note, however, that you may not use Bitvise SSH Server in personal mode unless your use is both personal and non-commercial. All organizations must purchase licenses.

Client vs. server licensing

Bitvise SSH Server and SSH Client are separate products, and are licensed separately. Our SSH Client can be used free of charge, but does not include a license for Bitvise SSH Server. Similarly, a purchased license for Bitvise SSH Server does not imply a license for any particular client software which you will need to connect to a server you set up.

If you use Bitvise software in conjunction with other software not published by Bitvise, you will need to obtain any necessary license for such software from its developers.