Bitvise SSH Server Version History  

For issues that might arise using the latest SSH Server versions, see Known issues.

Changes in Bitvise SSH Server 9.14:    [ 23 January 2022 ]

  • Upgrade:

    • When upgrading from versions before 9.xx, the automatic log archival task is now disabled. This is to avoid interfering with any log maintenance the administrator has already set up.

    • If settings before 9.xx configured no limit to the number of simultaneous connections, such settings would be upgraded incorrectly to apply a lower limit. Fixed.

  • FTPS:

    • If the FTPS protocol is enabled, the SSH Server now supports TLS 1.3 on Windows versions where it is available. Currently, this requires Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022.

  • Tasks:

    • Log maintenance and command execution tasks now log an Info-level log event when they start.

    • Task triggers now support endsWith and contains as operators that work on strings. The contains operator also continues to work on structures, as it did previously.

  • Control Panel and Settings:

    • When configuring an encrypted volume in Advanced settings, the setting Full path to data file would have a misleading browse interface which did not allow selecting a filename which does not yet exist. Instead, a full path to a nonexistent file had to be entered manually. The browse interface now supports configuring a file which does not yet exist.

    • The Log Folder Viewer was not showing file icons in version 9.12. Fixed.

    • In the Statistics CSV export dialog, suggested filenames could include invalid characters. Fixed.

    • In account and group lists, reduced the number of columns for improved clarity and performance.

  • Command-line utilities:

    • The log utility did not work at all in version 9.12. Fixed.

New features in Bitvise SSH Server 9.12:    [ 1 January 2022 ]

  • Windows session cache: Multiple connections for the same user, either concurrent or consecutive, can now use the same Windows session. This can greatly improve reliability for clients that make frequent connections that access network shares.

  • Network share control: Settings now provide additional control over how network share connections are established where such connections could time out or occasionally fail.

  • Encrypted volumes: Clients can now access files which are encrypted at rest by the SSH Server. Concurrent users can access virtual filesystem mount points backed by one or more encrypted volumes. A volume is encrypted with a key configured in SSH Server settings.

  • SFTP jump server: Users can now access virtual filesystem mount points backed by a remote SFTP server to which the SSH Server connects on the user's behalf.

  • Tasks: The SSH Server can now run commands periodically, or triggered by configurable conditions based on recorded log events.

  • Email notifications: The SSH Server can now send email notifications triggered by configurable conditions based on recorded log events.

  • Log file maintenance: Automatic log file archival or deletion can now be configured as a scheduled task, without resorting to the Windows Task Scheduler.

  • Cryptography: New cryptographic algorithms include chacha20-poly1305 and encrypt-then-MAC hashing.

Known issues

  • Windows XP: All versions of our software that we recommend using are built using Visual Studio 2015. The C++ run-time library used by this Visual Studio version has a known issue where 1-2 kB of memory are leaked each time a new thread is created. This issue does not occur on later Windows versions; it does not occur e.g. on Windows Server 2003. Microsoft has stated they do not intend to fix this issue. Bitvise's view is that the impacts on our SSH Client and FlowSsh are manageable; whereas our SSH Server is rarely used on Windows XP. We therefore do not plan to work around this; but we warn that this can be a potential denial of service vector on Windows XP.

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